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José Luis is the author of the book “Cómo Conquistar un Hombre” (How to conquer a man) which has helped more than 152,836 women around the globe. His free online material has reached more than 10 million people. He is a certified psychologist with degree in NLP and is currently studying a Masters Degree in Clinical Sexology.

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Specialized help. There´s no other case like yours and it needs adequate attention

Here are some areas I can help you with...

Getting your Ex back

I will take you personally not only from “the break-up”letter, but also along with specific custom made tasks to heal in 30 days any sickness that killed your relationship. You want to get in touch with your partner again? I can Help You.

Couples Counseling

There are times where you are completely compromising with change and you would love to see the same compromising willingness in your partner. Only within a space where both have compromised by doing specific assignments you will see significant change.

Finding your match

Can you exactly tell where is your opportunity area? I can help you from finding your soul mate to how to persuade him to get into a relationship with you. It is all about building a future together and when you have learned how to do it everything is pretty much easier.

Improve your relationship

Have you ever felt that you are in a constantly fighting over power and none of you are willing you give in? Sometimes it is you or him. In any way it all comes down to motivation and inspiration styles. You must search deep inside you so you can align them.

Long distance relationships

Do they really work? YES, only when there´s a setup and objectives to follow that both already know. You must take advantage of any tool that technology can give you. Believe me, you are not the first one changing the place to live

Getting over your Ex

What you should really be looking forward to obtain after this is an improving selfesteem and the knowledge that what happened was the best for both of you. When you leave behind any resentfulness it gets easier to find your opportunity areas so you get to improve yourself.

Self Image & Self Esteem

Learn to love and accept yourself just as you are. Getting rid of shame and guilt is the first step to enhance the improved version of you. With simple and powerful NPL exercises you can easily start seeing results.

Limiting Beliefs and NLP

Those things that you were told were in a certain way. Things that you believe and immediately stop progression. “All men are the same” “I don´t deserve love” “I`m broken” “There are no men who cover my expectations” All these things you think and are limiting your action field.

Family History

The first couple we get used to seeing is our parents. It is most likely you learned patterns from them, which you take unconsciously to in your relationship. By knowing your parents’ history, we can prevent from imitating them.

Dating and relationship advice for Men

Someone told you about us and you are interested in finding a great relationship with a woman? Are you eager to being able to get phone numbers when you go out? I have walked down that road and I can personally help you.


Whereas if it was you or your partner who cheated, it is important to recover the balance in your relationship so you can start over after we had facedresponsibility about what happen and having set uptowards an action plan.

Professional success within your relationship

In the emotional and business world the team will be always be more efficient and stronger than one person. By making a team with your partner, you will learn how to organize your finance to create wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Are you interested in online marketing and productivity?

Online marketing

I´ve been working in this area about 10 years now and with my products not only I have achieved financial freedom, but also I have contributed the world with information and employment. Do you want me to teach how doing it in half the time it took me to do it?


Has it ever happened to you that you know what you have to do, you know how to do it, you know you can do it and you just won´t do it? Or in the other hand, you work and work and at the end of the day you feel like you didn´t do anything important or significant?

Creation and administration of wealth

To start you must have good habits and be debt free. After we have achieved that, wealth will begin to increase. How to make it grow exponentially? There are several strategies. Let me show you.

How much does it cost a session with me?

1 session

You have concrete concerns and need an action plan asap

$ 200 c/u
  • Mp3 of the session
  • 50-60 minuts
  • Skype call
  • 100% private
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5 sessions

Deeper situations with NLP and followup of your outcomes

$ 140 c/u $700 total
  • Mp3 recording
  • 50-60 minuts
  • Skype call
  • 100% private
  • $100.00 USD bonus on other programs
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Monthly Suscription

Deeper and sustainable change process in multiple areas of your life

$ 112.50 c/u $450 total
al mes
  • Mp3 recordings
  • 50-60 minuts
  • Skype call
  • 100% private
  • Emergency Whastapp
  • $150.00 USD bonus on other programs
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